Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Just Because I LOVE This Cake

Although they ruined it by wanting writing on it. Oh well.

Monday, November 15, 2010


I haven't updated anything in awhile since I have been so busy. Here are some pictures of cakes and/or work I have done in the bakery. I need to start bringing my camera to work with me because these were all taken with my phone (which isn't great).

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Household updates

So, I am very very pleased with the animals' reactions to the homemade doggy/kitty food. Mya looks like she has lost some weight and is not licking or scratching at all. Bjorn has gained at least a couple pounds and I actually confuse him with his brother once in awhile when I see him out of the corner of my eye. Max and Corbin seem to be the same as before (maybe a little less licking/scratching from Max) but they were the two healthy ones before.

The dog food is a little more expensive to make when compared to the bagged food but the results are worth it. Mya isn't even on her joint supplements anymore (because they have yeast as one of the primary ingredients) and she does not appear stiff or uncomfortable. In fact, she was jumping around chasing her bonie (compressed rawhide) yesterday like a goofy puppy (like Max does).

The air is still thick here but it has been a little better the past couple days because of the sprinkles/rain.

Matt and Jared got back from deer hunting on Sunday so things are back to normal.

Jared's birthday is coming up on the 25th and I am hosting a baby shower on the 17th. So, I need to finish up some projects around the house and plan the cakes.

I am fighting off the beginnings of a cold right now but I think I will be okay with lots of medicine and sleep. At least tomorrow is my day off before starting at the bakery for this week.

I love my family. We may yell at each other once in awhile but I would rather have them there to yell with than have us all disconnected.

Saturday, October 2, 2010


I started my new job yesterday and am completely wiped out! At least my feet don't hurt as badly right now...although, once I started thinking about them while I was cleaning up at work, I could hardly bare to stand on them. Ouch!

So, I think I like my new job. It is definitely challenging because I feel like I am moving so slow but I think I have made some big improvements in just two days. I decorated about 8 cakes yesterday and today I did one with a piped horse (right up my alley) with horseshoes around the sides with a fence and a lasso as the top border. I even airbrushed a hot pink cake with black zebra print. My coworker is super fast and really talented so I feel like a turtle next to him but he is super helpful and shows me a lot of stuff.

Matt always tells me that I am the slowest person to do anything. I am trying to make sure that isn't true. In the decorating business, you have to be efficient (aka FAST) and produce nice looking things.

I am also learning (or have learned) that in this business, your work day isn't over until everything is complete. Finish the cakes and then go home. It totally makes sense, I just have been used to working within concrete hours. The only thing concrete with cakes is that it better be complete by the pick up time. ha ha.

This is really stretching me...and I think it is in a positive way. It is contributing to our household ($$), keeping me busy (super busy), teaching me so so much, and letting me be creative (even though it is exhausting). The only bad part is, between my work schedule at FCC and my work schedule at the bakery, it is really hard for me to visit home (Sacramento) and see my family. I hope things work out for the holidays but I have a feeling that I am going to be super busy and Matt and the kids are going to have to go without me. It makes me really sad and homesick but I have faith that it will all work out and be worth it in the long run.

Sometimes faith is the only thing that keeps you going. Every choice I have made up to this point has been the right one (not always the easy one) and I have learned a lot along the way. I know I am on the path home...it is just a matter of perseverance and patience. Our time will come. In the meantime, I hope my family can come and spend some time with me in Freshole.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Official Cake Decorator

I just got a job at an awesome bakery in town as a cake decorator! I am so excited!

My interview was this morning and I start next Friday.

It will be challenging, exhausting and SO much fun!!! I will be learning so much and they are looking forward to learning from me too (although they probably know everything I know already...haha). It is only a 4 minute drive from my house...and that is WITH traffic.

You can check out their website. They have delicious food and such a wonderful atmosphere. I was hoping to be able to get my feet wet in a little bakery but this is an opportunity of a lifetime that I never imagined would be an option with a well known, 7000 sq. ft. bakery/cafe.

Now, I need to open my mind and work hard to prove myself and pass my probationary period so I can continue living my little cake dream!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Homemade Pet Food

I made two big batches of pet food today. One for the kitties, one for the doggies. All four of them gobbled their dinners up like crazy...especially Mya.

My decision to make their food came after Mya's allergy symptoms have seemingly increased and poor Bjorn is itchy too. I have been thinking about doing this for some time and have done a lot of research regarding the appropriate and inappropriate foods for both dogs and cats. It is kinda tricky to make sure they are getting all the right nutrients but I think I will get better as we go.

I have read that it may take up to 10 weeks to see improvement in symptoms if they are due to a food allergy. We will see. Mya has hot spots under her arms, her tummy is all red and she just seems really uncomfortable. Max even seems a little itchier than he should be. I will be substituting the dry dog food for their new made-with-love-food. The cat food will be a suppliment to the dry. Corbin seems to be fine with the dry food and Bjorn doesn't really eat it too much because of his sensitive tummy. We will see how it goes. My food looks WAY yummier than the canned food they eat now (the Petsmart brand). They cats already get Lysine everyday for their watery eyes.

It is a good sign when all four animals are in the kitchen with you while you are making their food.

So, this is what the doggies have in their food:
Ground Turkey
Brown Rice
Peas and Carrots (blended)
Chicken Liver (blended)
Chicken skin (blended)

This is what the kitties have in their food:
Chicken Thighs
Peas and Carrots
Chicken Liver
Chicken Skin (everything blended/chopped)

Yum Yum!!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Quick Blurp on 100 Year Cake

The picture of the Fresno City College cake ended up in the Fresno Bee. More anonymous advertizing since my name isn't listed. It is still pretty cool anyway.